Pants Are Everything

Great for boys!

Got a reluctant boy reader?? Then these books are for you! Funny and exciting. My boy has loved them and is eagerly waiting for more in the series

By Jayne Stead ``teacherjayne``2 February 2014
Couldn’t stop laughing

I think it was a really good sequel to socks are not enough and had me laughing just as much! If you like the first book then its worth getting the sequel

By Annabella 12 January 2014
Our 11-year old loved it

Great book – a worthy follow-up to “Socks aren’t enough” according to our son. Great for getting kids to read more according to Mum!

By O. Lund11 January 2014

This book is absolutely AWESOME
I’m 11 and this book was so good that I read for two hours straight

By Ruth Green1 December 2013
Great follow up

I am always scouting for amusing books for a bright 11 year old who is a maths and science guy .. it takes a lot for him to read fiction but he really enjoyed this.

By Mr. K. M. Craig 3 October 2013
Brilliant, funny and fantastic

This was really funny, epic and well written. Perfect for both my boys aged 10 and 12. Immediately wanted to read the next in series.

By William Egerton 29 August 2013

Socks Are Not Enough

So Funny…

I loved this book just because of all the comedy it involved. This is a must read for likers of Diary of a Wimpy kid and the Private blog of Joe Cowley.

By Emile 20 September 2014

This book took me back to my childhood (my parents are not nudists, for the record), rather the trials and tribulations of teenage years when the world is well and truly against you. Now in my 30’s, I can look back and giggle!

By Angela J7 May 2012

I have written this review for my daughter Rowen (age 12) she says it if really funny and understandable for teenagers.

By Gary Hindhaugh 22 August 2014

This book had me laughing from the very first page. It is really, really funny and entertaining enough for adults to read, but my 9 year old also read it and was rolling on the floor laughing………laughing is good for you, so I say “socks are not enough”!!

By FLB TOP 500 REVIEWER18 April 2012
Funny Book

Easy read and I have had it for a few days and nearly finished it!
I could reccomend this to anybody

By Thomas Mumford22 July 2013

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By Katie Rubarb6 January 2013