I hope you’re all well. Life’s been pretty hectic over the last few months. I’ve been zooming round to schools from Brighton up to Edinburgh. I always enjoy my time with the students: meeting them, making them pretend to be trees, getting them to crawl around the floor whilst wearing shower caps with ladles sellotaped to them. You know, the usual…


If you want to know what I’m on about, get yourself down to the Roald Dahl Museum next week (9th April) and come and find out more.


The other brilliant thing about visiting schools is seeing what the librarians get up to. For example:

– book dates to match reluctant readers up with their perfect books.

– books and biscuits clubs, where the kids get to chat about books with their mouths full of custard creams.

-generally being helpful and awesome and passionate about developing a life-long love of books amongst their students.

-organising author visits from weird-looking little gnomes like me!

Anyway – since they don’t always get credit for their hard work – I’d like to just say I think they’re tremendous!


Other than that, I’ve finally finished the first draft of my story about a boy whose life is ruined by a certain kind of cake. It’s all early days but I’m pretty pleased with it so far. Now comes the hard part though – chopping it up into millions of tiny bits, chucking most of it away, adding loads more, then sticking it all back together again. Hopefully I’ll have something resembling a story in the next few months.  Watch this space…


Anyway – take it easy and feel free to get in touch.