I’m thoroughly chuffed that The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life has been shortlisted for the brilliantly-named Worcestershire’s Awesomest Book Award. It’s so lovely to be recognised like this. When you sit on your own in a shed all day and listen to the imaginary voices in your head, you sometimes lose touch with the idea that real human beings might read your books one day. Anyway, it’s a terrifically-strong short-list, which I’m honoured and humbled to be a part of:


  • Demolition Dad, written by Phil Earle, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie
  • The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life, written by Mark Lowery, illustrated by Hannah Shaw
  • 11 Birthdays, written by Wendy Mass
  • Pugs of the Frozen North, written by Philip Reeve, illustrated by Sarah McIntyre
  • My Brother is a Superhero, written by David Solomons
  • Awful Auntie, written by David Walliams,  illustrated by Tony Ross


I hope the young judges enjoy reading all the books and I look forward to seeing you all in February!

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