Character Profiles/Magazine Interviews

Learning Objectives – to study characters from a text.

-to write in character

After reading the first few chapters of the book, students choose a character that they would like to write about. They could sketch him/her and write a short character profile, backed up by information from the book.

1) One of the students comes to the front. In character, the rest of the class hot-seats him/her, asking questions about why they act in particular ways.

2) Choose the best questions from students and jot them onto the board. Alternatively, the teacher pre-prepares a set of generic questions that could be answered by any of the characters.

3) Explain to the students that they are going to be interviewed for Nudism Today magazine. Students then write in character, answering the questions with thoughtful, developed answers based on what has happened so far in the story.

All students should be able to write 3 sentences for each question

Most students should be able to refer to events and attitudes from the text

Some students will be able to write in character